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Stefan Fritz

Owner of the “Lady of Avenel ” 

Scotland Expert and Tour Leader

Commercial skipper, marine surveyor and engineer.

He is joint owner of the ‘Lady of Avenel’ and has been sailing boats and tall ships around Britain and Northern Europe for nearly thirty years. He has a particularly good knowledge of the Western Isles of Scotland. Stefan has run, owned or been involved with boat charter, building and repair businesses for many years and was part of the team who re-rigged the restored ‘Cutty Sark’. He is a keen runner, open water swimmer, cyclist, arctic dogsledder, a skier and more recently bought a flying machine. Diving brought him to Scotland first  but since then he has been running, swimming and flying around the West Coast for over 20 years. His trips with the Lady of Avenel have taken him from Orkney to the Outer and Inner Hebrides and as far as St. Kilda.




Dan Burton

Guide – Camera Operator 

A camera operator, professional diver and traveler.

Dan’s flying interest started back on 2004. His main reason for learning to fly was being able to film, and take photographs. He has flown to Korea, Lapland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Zambia, Jordan, Iraq and Sierra Leone for filming. His biggest achievement is successfully completing the flight from Northern Russia to Eastern Europe across the Russian Tundra. This flight was done over 4 weeks & covered more than 2000km of remote flying. He has also completed the USSR BMAA endurance 50hr flying race where he has won the race twice with pilot Richard Whitmarsh. He is an active long distant cross country pilots and has flown all over the UK. clocking up dozens of flights over 100- 200 miles. An active trike pilots with a NPPL(M) licence & over 300hrs flying 3 types of trikes.




Stephan Walkowiak

Guide – Camera Operator – Video Editor – Marketing

A paramotor enthusiast and media professional.

Stephan works mainly as a test engineer for high end professional film camera development. His second passion behind flying is photography and marketing. He has several social media channels and is an active member of the paramotor scene. Stephan flies paraglider since 2009 and very active paramotor since 2016. His love for traveling with the paramotor brought him into our team, where he is firmly integrated since 2018. He is responsible for capturing and editing the journeys in unforgettable video moments. His main work for Paramotor Adventures is marketing and public relations. He already published articles in Paramotor Magazin, XCMagazine, Paramoteur+ and German DULV Info.